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  • Sinkhole Investigations
    The Marc Environmental Group, Inc. engineering division can provide you, the client, with a timely and no nonsense investigation into a potential sinkhole condition. Our geologists and engineers will implement a subsurface evaluation program which will identify whether a sinkhole feature is present or not. We will use a variety of geophysical testing methods such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), Resistivity Surveys, Standard Penetration testing and or a small test excavation.

    Once a sinkhole has been documented and evaluated, our engineering team will prepare a remedial plan to mitigate the sinkhole condition and stabilize the subsurface conditions. Repair options generally consist of grouting unstable earth or underpinning the existing foundation. Our engineers and geologists will supervise all aspects of the stabilization process and make the appropriate field decisions often required to maximize the correct emplacement of the grout or other stabilization material.
  • Foundations and Materials
    Our foundations and materials engineers are committed to excellence In every phase of your project. From foundation studies to roadway pavement design and construction materials testing evaluation. Our engineers are committed to provide that extra level of value engineering necessary for a successful project on time and on or under budget.






    • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT), Cone Penetrometer (CPT)
    • Environmental Permitting (ERP, NPDES etc.)
    • Construction Dewatering
    • Permeability/Drainage Studies
    • Seepage Analysis
    • Negotiation and Technical Representation