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Oil and Gas

  • Prospect Evaluation
    The Marc Group Geological Team can evaluate oil and gas exploration projects under consideration. We can analyze the viability and reserve potential along with the risk involved. The Marc Group can also conduct the necessary due diligence necessary for a successful oil and gas drilling venture.
  • Wellsite Geology
    Our experienced wellsite geologists will make the extra effort to observe all well data during drilling and evaluate all potential pay zones. The wellsite geologist will keep the client informed of the drilling progress and assist the operator and drilling contractor in the decision making process.
  • Well Completions
    The Marc Group is committed to a successful well completion. Our geologists and engineers will assist the operator with the well completion process including but not limited to casing points, casing hardware cement slurry design, additives, etc.
  • Well Fracing, Workovers and Stimulation
    The Marc Group can design a well stimulation program for the operator in order to maximize the potential of the reservoir. This may include hydraulic fracturing, acidizing or chemical treatment. Once production from the main reservoir or field declines , the Marc Group will evaluate potential secondary reservoirs that can be brought online or secondary recovery techniques.


  • Saltwater Disposal Wells
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Water Supply